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Edition Events is an independent Cape Town based events company driven by, and created largely for, the Cape Town creative community. Founded during the pandemic, Edition Events started as a small passion project aiming to provide a platform for artists (of all forms) to showcase their work in a unique and engaging setting. The goal was simple, give local creatives from all walks of life a never before seen opportunity, in settings that cultivated growth and creativity.

In order to connect artists, audiences and creatives in a meaningful way, Edition Events developed heavily tailored events to cater to specific demographics, while still ensuring that these functions maintained accessibility for the greater population. Events were built to be centered around art in ways that focused on (art) being experienced rather than merely observed.

Edition Events started at a time when few others were willing to push the boundary in terms of what an event was: something for the people. The unique experiences that Edition Events was able to (and continues to) create, rapidly set the stage for establishing itself as a recognised and highly anticipated event organizer within the Cape Town area.